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Date: 16 Oct 2017

Charlotte Casiraghi, the face of Gucci beauty, really knows how to wear red lipstick. Photo: Gucci 

Every year there is a meeting of the Realization department, where we present and discuss our NOS (Never Out of Stock) program for the upcoming year, including various collections such as beach, hotel, etc. Everyone gets introduced with leading trends in the industry; we discuss topics abouth management strategy and upcoming advertising campaigns.

A small sampling of Gucci's extensive makeup collection. Photo: Cheryl Wischhover/Fashionista

The training includes the development of the presentation skills of our sales representatives, role-playing games aimed at communicating with clients and colliding with various real-live situations from daily work, practical training for specialized software and а team-meetings at witch we strengthen the relationship between all levels in the production-trading process.

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